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Adjustable Women Elastic Back Support Belt Chest Posture Corrector Shoulder Brace Body Shaper Corset Health Care S/M/L/XL/XXL

Poor posture can be detrimental to health! If you are in front of a screen for gaming or even at work, chances are you suffer from slouching and poor posture. Even athletes can suffer from this due to muscle imbalances. Additionally, our Posture Corrector is amazing for helping athletes maintain proper back form while working out to also help prevent injuries. Look confident, feel confident and be healthier! You can use it in:

STAND TALL & CONFIDENT: Posture Corrector With Perfect Correct Posture Brace for Women Men, Make Your Hunched, Slouched Shoulders a thing of the past. Walk Tall & Strong Instantly Build Confidence & Look More Attractive. Lightweight, You even could wear it under clothes. Washable, and Can Be Worn at Home, Work, or AT THE GYM



Item Type: Braces & Supports
Brand Name: U-Kiss
Effect: Bone Care
Model Number: Chest Posture Corrector
Material: Nylon, Spandex
Size: S/M/L/XL/XXL
Color: Black, skin color

skin color